The Workspace is meant to be an area where you can save the database records you are interested in, organize them into collections and publish these collections so that they can be shared with other people. Please note that in order to use the Workspace you need to be a registered user of the site.


Adding items to the workspace


Once logged in, you can add items to your Workspace directly from the 'Search the Database' section, by selecting one or more record(s) of interest and then clicking on the 'Add selected items to workspace' button. Records added to your workspace can be reviewed at a later stage or the next time you log into the site. 

The 'My Saved Items' section is organized similarly to the rest of the website: records are divided by type (People, Events etc.) and can be filtered using the keyword-search box on the top-left corner. There is no limit to the number of items you can have in the workspace, so feel free to add to it anything that interests you, so that it can be used later used when creating collections.


Adding items to collections


By using the 'Add to collection' menu on the left hand side of the 'My Saved Items' section you can associate one or more records to a collection. Collections exist as separate entities from the workspace: this means that when you modify or delete a collection, this operation will not effect the items in your workspace. This works also the other way around: if you remove an item from the workspace, that item will not be removed from the collections that contain it. 

You can think of collections as 'specialized' groups within your workspace, which later can be made available for other people to see. Just remember that in order to put some records into a personal collection you first need to add these records to the workspace.


Editing collections and sharing them with other people


By using the 'My Collections' section you can edit your collections and make them available to other people ('publish' them). Once published, a collection is visible by anyone who possesses the correct web address, even is he/she is not registered to EMLoT website (please note that a collection needs to have a title and at least one element, in order to be published). 

When you select a collection for editing you can change its title, add a generic description to it and notes to each of the items the collection contains. The items can also be re-ordered just by dragging them up and down the list. Once you are happy with the way your collection looks, just click on the 'publish' button and you will be given a public web-address you can share with your colleagues.