How to Track a Bear in Southwark

‘How to Track a Bear in Southwark’ <> is a publicy accessible, Omeka-based learning module, developed to showcase EMLoT’s Beargarden records, and to provide a forum for undergraduate and junior graduate students to acquaint themselves with the basic elements of early modern archival and bibliographic research.


Trackabear fleshes out the core of EMLoT bibliographical records with a selection of corresponding manuscript transcriptions and images (contributed in advance of publication from the REED edition for Surrey including Southwark). Tutorials and slideshows introduce users to the EMLoT database, survey the records, and offer practical tips and guidelines on becoming part of Trackabear’s interactive community of users and contributors. Students have the opportunity to use scholarly research material on the history of the early English theatre, while building their own historical scholarly narratives in a digital environment.


Using the site, students will be able to:

•read, browse, and search existing records;

•add new records, both from EMLOT database and from other online archives;

•build digital exhibits, following existing thematic pathways or curating material to explore their own thematic interests,





Alexandra Bolintineanu (Centre for Medieval Studies), metadata design, data migration, Omeka site building, and Help page.


John Estabillo (REED), exhibit development, educational resources, and digital project advice


Tanya Hagen (REED), contribution of EMLoT content, project design, digital pedagogy


Sally-Beth MacLean (REED), contribution of manuscript transcriptions and images for Surrey including Southwark

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