Project Information

Team and Sponsors

Early Modern London Theatres (EMLoT) could not have been created without the help of the following institutions and individuals, whose contributions are gratefully acknowledged:

Financial Sponsors

Canada Project Team

  • Sally-Beth MacLean (REED) Principal Investigator for SSHRC International Opportunities Fund and Public Outreach and Insight grants; director of REED-based EMLoT work
  • Tanya Hagen (REED) bibliographer and editor of EMLoT records; database design
  • John Estabillo (REED) associate editor, EMLoT v2
  • Jamie Norrish (REED) developer (software upgrade), EMLoT v2
  • Jason Boyd (REED) manager of REED-based work, EMLoT v1; database design; webtext
  • Chris Hicklin (REED) associate editor, EMLoT v1; Learning Zone content developer
  • Sian Meikle (University of Toronto Libraries) database consultant
  • Maria Lau (REED) REED logo; image editing
  • Timothy Harrison (REED) bibliographic research assistant (2009)
  • Toby Malone (REED) bibliographic research assistant (2009)

UK Project Team

  • John Bradley (CCH) Co-Investigator of the AHRC project; EMLoT technical design and development
  • Michele Pasin (CCH) Technical Project Officer; EMLoT technical design and development; EMLoT web application design and development
  • Christie Carson (Royal Holloway University of London) Learning Zone content design and development
  • Tim Hill (CCH) Learning Zone technical design and development (including Timeline)
  • Paul Vetch (CCH) digital design of the EMLoT website and web application
  • Beatriz Caballero (CCH) digital design of the EMLoT website and web application
  • Jessica Freeman (University of Southampton) REED Middlesex/Westminster collection editor; manuscript research
  • John McGavin (University of Southampton) Principal Investigator of the AHRC project; webtext

EMLoT Advisory Board

  • Caroline Barron (Royal Holloway University of London)
  • Matthew Davies (Institute of Historical Research, University of London)
  • Farah Karim-Cooper (Globe Education, Shakespeare’s Globe)