Viewing Event Record: Chancery, Margaret Brayne vs the Burbages: John Alleyn deposes


John Alleyn, an actor, deposes in Margaret Brayne's suit against the Burbages. Alleyn affirms that there was an arbitrament made between James Burbage and John Brayne to settle their dispute over the Theatre profits and that although he is not certain what the terms were, he has heard that they agreed to split the profits equally. He says that Brayne and Burbage did mortgate the Theatre for £125 and then forfeit that mortgage to John Hyde. He states that James Burbage 'did detayne the proffites of the premisses in his own handes of purpose that the said morgage shuld be forfetted.' Alleyn says that Margaret Brayne did for a short time receive profits from the Theatre. Alleyn then provides a colorful account of several violent encounters between partisans of Margaret Brayne, including Robert Miles, and the Burbages. When attempts were made to collect the Theatre profits, Richard Burbage threatened them with a broomstick, and promised next time he would meet them with pistols.

Date Event Recorded

From: 6 February 1592 (Source of claim: original)

Date Event Happened

From: 1578 To: circa 1590 (Source of claim: transcription)




Admiral's Men


Name Role
Bromley, Thomas Lord Chancellor
Burbage, James defendant
Burbage, Cuthbert defendant
Alleyn, John deponent
Hyde, John mortgage holder
Howard, Charles, Earl of Nottingham patron
Brayne, John playhouse financier
Burbage, Richard son

Event Type

  • court case
  • playhouse business
  • playhouse context