Viewing Event Record: The King forbids theatres in London, and the Fortune tenants cannot pay their rent


Around Christmas 1635, the King issued an injunction to "forbid Theatres in and about London for to hinder concurse of people." The injunction placed the Fortune tenants in financial difficulty: the Fortune lease forbad the use of the structure for any purpose other than playing, and so the lessees found themselves at a loss for income. Financial problems at the Fortune soon affected Dulwich College, the owners -- by Edward Alleyn's testamentary bequest -- of the playhouse. Dulwich College eventually took Margaret Gray, one of the Fortune tenants, to Chancery for non-payment of her share in the Fortune rents. The bill details the complexities of the financial arrangements.

Date Event Recorded

From: November 1637 (Source of claim: original)

Date Event Happened

From: before November 1637 (Source of claim: externally supplied)


Fortune (I)


Name Event Role(s) Document Role(s)
Browne, George attorney
Gray, Margaret defendant leaseholder
Marrant, Edward defendant
Alleyn, Edward founder of Dulwich College
Gill, Daniel landowner
Alleyn, William leaseholder
Austen, William leaseholder
Hart, Robert leaseholder
Massey, Charles leaseholder
Massey, Eleanor leaseholder administratrix, executrix, widow
Rhodes, John leaseholder
Fisher, John leaseholder
Wiggett, Thomas leaseholder
Gannill, Richard leaseholder
Alleyn, Thomas lessor
Alleyn, Mathias lessor

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