Viewing Event Record: Chancery, Worth, Cumber and Blaney vs Baskervile and Browne: Worth and Blaney state their case


Ellis Worth, John Cumber, and John Blaney, two members of the former Queen Anne's Men, now of the Red Bull (Revels) Company, take Susan Baskervile, widow of both Robert Browne and Thomas Greene, and her son William Browne to Chancery for relief from annuities and other monies owed by the company to her. The bill details a series of agreements between Baskervile and the company for annuities paid in lieu of monies Baskervile claims were owed to Greene. The company claims that Baskervile colluded with Christopher Beeston, the manager of the company, against the interests of the other players. According to the plaintiffs, despite a difficult series of negotiations formalizing the agreement in June 1617, they have continued paying the agreed upon 3s 8p per playing day for ten years to a total of £500 without getting much in return from Baskervile or her assigns and heirs other than an initial investment of not more than £50. They call this a dangerous precedent for usury. They ask to court to free them from further obligations since the membership of the company has changed to the point that the earlier agreements are no longer in force.

Date Event Recorded

From: 23 May 1623 (Source of claim: original)

Date Event Happened

From: circa 1612 To: 1623 (Source of claim: transcription)


Red Bull


Name Role
Beeston, Christopher company manager
Baskervile (Browne, Greene), Susan defendant
Browne, William (III) defendant
Baskervile, James husband
Greene, Thomas husband
Worth, Ellis plaintiff
Blaney, John plaintiff
Cumber, John plaintiff
Heywood, Thomas player
Walpole, Francis player
Reynolds, Robert player
Robbins, William player
Drewe, Thomas player
Reade, Emanuel player
Jordan, William trustee

Event Type

  • company business
  • company context
  • court case
  • playhouse business
  • playhouse context