Viewing Event Record: A summary of theatres built in London: Edmund Howes


The 1631 edition of John Stow's 'Annals,' continued by Edmund Howes, contains an account of the burning of the Globe and Fortune theatres, and a summary of theatres built in London. Some are named but many are left unnamed. After a description of the burning of the Globe and Fortune, Howes mentions the newly-built Salisbury Court theatre: 'in the yeere one thousand sixe hundred twenty nine, there was builded a new faire Play-house, neere the white fryers.' Howes writes that, 'this is the seauenteenth Stage, or common Play-house, which hath beene new made with-in the space of threescore yeeres within London and the Suburbs, viz. Fiue Innes, or common Osteryes turned to Play-houses, one Cock-pit, S. Paules singing Schoole, one in the Black-fryers, and one in the White-fryers, which was built last of all . . . all the rest not named, were erected only for common Play-houses, besides the new built Beare garden, which was built as well for playes, and fencers prizes, as Bull bayting; besides one in former time at Newington Buts.'

Date Event Recorded

From: 1631 (Source of claim: original)

Date Event Happened

From: 1569 To: 1629 (Source of claim: transcription)

Event Type

  • cultural context
  • fire
  • playhouse business
  • playhouse context