Viewing Event Record: Star Chamber, Allen vs the Burbages et al: Giles Allen states his case


Giles Allen continues his series of suits against the Burbages with one in the Star Chamber against Cuthbert. In his bill of complaint Allen recites the details of his twenty-one year lease to James Burbage, including that the permission to build the Theatre and to extend the lease were contingent upon the expenditure of £200 for other improvements to the property. Allen argues he was not bound to extend the lease because the Theatre was financed by John Brayne, the lease assigned to John Hyde, and Burbage still owed him £30 in rent. Allen charges that Cuthbert Burbage and his confederates assembled around 28 December 1598, armed with various weapons, and attempted to pull down the Theatre building. They resisted the attempts of Allen's servants and tenants to stop them. Once they had torn down the building, they carried the remains over the Bankside and erected a new theatre there. Allen then summarizes the various suits that have passed between Cuthbert and himself, and explains his arrest for contempt of court as the result of a conspiracy by Cuthbert, his attorney and Richard Lane, registrar for the Court of Request. He claims that Cuthbert and Richard Burbage so threatened and intimidated his witnesses (threatening to stab them) that they were afraid to tell the truth on Allen's behalf. Richard Hudson and Thomas Osborne, carpenters, perjured themselves in testifying that James Burbage had spent £240 in repairs and building on the Theatre property. Allen says evidence from the Chancery court will attest that Richard Hudson did not survey the property in 1586, nor had James Burbage spent anywhere near £240 on the property by 18 July 1586. Cuthbert won his suit by means of such dishonesties, according to Allen.

Date Event Recorded

From: 23 November 1601 (Source of claim: original)

Date Event Happened

From: 13 April 1576 To: November 1601 (Source of claim: original)


Globe (I)


Name Role
Burbage, Ellen administratrix
Jeffreys, J. attorney
Mill, William court officer
Burbage, Cuthbert defendant
Street, Peter defendant
Smythe, William defendant
Burbage, Richard defendant
Hudson, Richard defendant
Osborne, Thomas defendant
Lane, Richard defendant
Maddox, John defendant's counsel
Burbage, James leaseholder
Hyde, John mortgage holder
Allen, Giles plaintiff
Brayne, John playhouse sharer
Allen, Sara wife

Event Type

  • court case
  • playhouse business