Viewing Event Record: Lady Elizabeth's Men write articles of oppression against Henslowe


Members of Lady Elizabeth's Men compose articles of grievance and complaint against Philip Henslowe, and accuse him of underhanded dealing which has led to the breaking of the company. They accuse Henslowe of seizing and selling stock (apparel and playbooks) belonging to the company, retaining more than his share of performance profits, adding personal debts of the players to the amount owed him by the company, refusing to seal any negotiations, and underpaying them for performances lost when the Hope is used for bear-baiting. They complain that Henslowe undermines the company by bonding the hired men and other actors to himself rather than the company so that he can break and reform the company so that they remain in his debt.

Date Event Recorded


Date Event Happened

From: March 1613 To: February 1615 (Source of claim: original)


Bear Garden


Name Event Role(s) Document Role(s)
Rosseter, Philip company manager
Griffin, Edward money lender
Field, Nathan player
Taylor, Joseph player
Pallant, Robert player
Dawes, Robert player
Barksted, William player
Ecclestone, William player
Henslowe, Philip playhouse owner money lender
Meade, Jacob playhouse owner
Daborne, Robert playwright

Event Type

  • company business
  • company context
  • company restraint
  • dispute
  • playhouse business
  • playhouse context