Viewing Event Record: London Consistory: Greene testifies on behalf of Mary Philips, gallery doorkeeper


Thomas Greene's testimony in a lawsuit provides evidence that the Queen's Men were playing at the Boar's Head in winter 1606-07. Greene notes that the Queen Anne's men had hired Mary Phillips the previous winter to keep the gallery doors at the Boar's Head during their performances. The suit arose because Greene was told by Mary's husband that Richard Christofer or his wife said that all women doorkeepers are whores. Greene, along with the Mary, confronted Christofer who, after denying the charge, called Mary a whore to her face. Greene testifies that he believes this constitutes slander.

Date Event Recorded

From: 16 June 1607 (Source of claim: transcription)

Date Event Happened

From: Winter 1606 To: Winter 1607 (Source of claim: transcription)


Boar's Head


Queen Anne's Men


Name Role
Phillips, Mary doorkeeper
Phillips, Ellis husband
Christofer, Richard slanderer
Greene, Thomas witness

Event Type

  • company business
  • court case
  • cultural context
  • performance
  • playhouse business
  • playhouse context