Viewing Event Record: Chancery, Margaret Brayne vs the Burbages: John Hyde deposes


John Hyde deposes again in Margaret Brayne's lawsuit against James and Cuthbert Burbage. Hyde answers that 'one Prune A Broker' offered the lease of the Theatre to him on behalf of James Burbage and John Brayne together, and that the lease was for £125. The lease was forfeited at least five or six years ago, according to Hyde. Hyde agreed to let Burbage and Brayne repay him in installments of £5 weekly, but those soon ceased. Hyde says that he never received any more payment from Brayne, and directs the court to his previous depositions for any more information.

Date Event Recorded

From: 21 February 1592 (Source of claim: original)

Date Event Happened

From: 26 December 1579 To: 21 February 1592 (Source of claim: transcription)




Name Role
Jones, Henry court examiner
Burbage, James defendant
Burbage, Cuthbert defendant
Hyde, John deponent
Prynne, John mortgage broker
Brayne, Margaret plaintiff
Brayne, John playhouse financier

Event Type

  • court case
  • playhouse business