Viewing Event Record: Chancery, Margaret Brayne vs the Burbages: Ralph Miles deposes


Ralph Myles deposes in Margaret Brayne's lawsuit against James and Cuthbert Burbage. His testimony provides details of the financial transactions amongst the Theatres owners, and of the events following John Brayne's death. He affirms that Brayne and Burbage entered arbitrament to settle their dispute so that they would split the profits of the Theatre. He then gives a very detailed account of the mortgage on the Theatre made by Brayne and Burbage with John Hyde, as well as Margaret Brayne's unsuccessful attempt to purchase back the mortgage herself following John's death. Miles says he was present when Margaret Brayne asked John Hyde to grant her the lease on the Theatre property, on condition that she repay the remaining debt and allow Burbage his moiety. Hyde refused, and said that he would deliver the lease to both of them when he had his money. After John Brayne's death, Burbage persuaded Margaret Brayne to invest all her money in repairs to the Theatre. To this end, Burbage allowed her half the profits of the galleries, until she had spent all she received 'and a great deal more', whereupon he refused to pay her any more until he had discharged his debts. Shortly thereafter, Burbage cut Margaret Brayne off entirely. He then recounts an unsuccessful visit to the Theatre by Brayne and other to recover money from the Burbages.

Date Event Recorded

From: 10 February 1592 (Source of claim: original)

Date Event Happened

From: July 1578 To: 1591 (Source of claim: transcription)




Name Role
Hill, John arbiter
Turner, Richard arbiter
Burbage, James defendant
Burbage, Cuthbert defendant
Miles, Ralph deponent
Hyde, John mortgage holder
Brayne, Margaret plaintiff
Brayne, John playhouse financier

Event Type

  • court case
  • playhouse business