Viewing Event Record: William Browne purchases part of the Boar's Head


The deed by which William Browne purchased part of the Boar's Head property from Sir John Poley furnishes evidence concerning the size and dimensions of the yard on which the stage and tiring-house stood. It also prescribes the dimensions of an alley to be built and maintained by Browne. The deed notes that much of the ground 'as was lately builded and known for a tiring-house and stage' has since been torn down and rebuilt.

Date Event Recorded

From: 27 December 1621 (Source of claim: original)

Date Event Happened

From: 27 December 1621 (Source of claim: original)


Boar's Head


Name Role
Milles, Thomas butcher
Browne, William (III) playhouse owner
Poley, John playhouse owner
Plevy, Humphrey tenant
Walford, John tenant
Rowley, Samuel (II) tenant
Mitchell, Elizabeth tenant
Young, John tenant
Price, John tenant
Bowyer, William tenant
Gawen, Thomas tenant
Jones, Nicholas tenant
Meggs, Roger tenant
Plevy, Francis tenant

Event Type

  • deed
  • playhouse business
  • playhouse context