Viewing Event Record: King's Bench, Bishop vs Browne and Mago: Bishop renews his lawsuit


After Richard Bishop failed to appear in court for his original suit against Robert Browne and John Mago, he refiled the suit in Spring 1601. Bishop, who had held a three-year lease of the Boar's Head messuage from Browne and Thomas Wolleston since 15 December 1599, accused Browne of ejecting him from the property on 20 May 1600 and committing 'other enormities,' all worth £20 in damages.

Date Event Recorded

From: Spring 1601 (Source of claim: transcription)

Date Event Happened

From: 15 December 1599 To: 20 May 1600 (Source of claim: transcription)


Boar's Head


Name Role
Browne, Robert (III) defendant
Mago, John defendant
Wolleston, Thomas lessor
Bishop, Richard plaintiff

Event Type

  • court case
  • playhouse context