Viewing Event Record: Disobedient players are to cease performing at Newington Butts


The privy council orders that a letter be sent to the justices of Surrey, noting that, contrary to their injunction against the staging of plays in and around the city, certain players continue to perform on a daily basis at Newington Butts. They ask that the justices seek out the guilty parties, not only to forbid them to play 'in any of these remote places near unto the City until Michaelmas, but to have regard that within the precinct of Surrey none be permitted to play'.

Date Event Recorded

From: 13 May 1580 (Source of claim: original)

Date Event Happened

From: 13 May 1580 (Source of claim: original)


Newington Butts


Name Role
Branch, John Lord Mayor of London
unnamed, Treasurer
unnamed, Vice-Chamberlain
Walsingham, Francis secretary
Wilson, secretary

Event Type

  • performance restraint
  • playhouse restraint