Viewing Event Record: Apprentices riot at the Cockpit: Privy Council response


A letter from the Privy Council to the Lord Mayor dated 5 March 1617 addresses a riot by 'a Rowte of lewde and loose p[er]sons Apprentices and others' in the neighbourhood of Lincoln's Inn Fields and Drury Lane. The apprentices tried 'to pull down a playhouse belonging to the Queen's majesty's servants.' Several people were killed and others injured in the disturbance. The Privy Council directs the Mayor to establish a special inquiry and commission to examine and punish the offenders in an exemplary manner. Furthermore, the Council recommends the mayor develop a plan to disperse 'that sort of people' from London and Westminster, 'especially at this present when his Ma[ty] and a greate p[ar]te of his Councell are to be absent for so longe a tyme.'

Date Event Recorded

From: 5 March 1617 (Source of claim: transcription)

Date Event Happened

From: 4 March 1617 (Source of claim: transcription)




Queen Anne's Men


Name Role
Bolles, George Lord Mayor of London

Event Type

  • company context
  • playhouse context
  • public disturbance