Viewing Event Record: Augustine Phillips' will is registered


Augustine Phillips makes his will on 4 May 1605; the will is registered 13 May 1605. His wife and executrix, Anne Phillips, receives one third of his property, and his three daughters another third; the remainder goes toward the execution of the estate, and to numerous smaller bequests. Among the latter are sums of money to members of the King's Men, and clothing and instruments to Phillips' apprentices. Phillips makes Anne, his executrix on the condition that she remains a widow. If she remarries, then John Heminges, Richard Burbage, William Sly and Timothy Whithorne become his executors.

Date Event Recorded

From: 13 May 1605 (Source of claim: original)

Date Event Happened

From: 4 May 1605 (Source of claim: original)


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King's Men (1603-1625)


Name Role
Heminges, John alternate executor
Burbage, Richard alternate executor
Slye, William alternate executor
Whithorne, Timothy alternate executor
Phillips, Magdalen beneficiary
Phillips , Anne, the Younger beneficiary
Phillips, Rebecca beneficiary
Bennett, Agnes beneficiary
Webb, William beneficiary
Webb, James beneficiary
Gough, Elizabeth beneficiary
Borne, Myles beneficiary
Borne, Phillips beneficiary
Shakespeare, William beneficiary
Condell, Henry beneficiary
Beeston, Christopher beneficiary
Fletcher, Lawrence beneficiary
Armin, Robert beneficiary
Cowley, Richard beneficiary
Cooke, Alexander beneficiary
Tooley, Nicholas beneficiary
Gilburne, Samuel beneficiary
Sands, James beneficiary
Phillips, Anne executrix
Borne, Margery sister
Phillips, Augustine testator
Gough, Robert witness
Shepherd, William witness

Event Type

  • bequest
  • company context
  • cultural context
  • player context
  • staging context
  • will