Viewing Event Record: Requests, Smith vs Beeston: Queen Anne's Men respond


Ellis Worth, Richard Perkins, and John Cumber answer John Smith's suit against them and Christopher Beeston for non-payment for delivery of apparel and tinsel stuff on 18 November 1619. They outline the structure of responsibilities in the company, and testify that Beeston was placed in charge of acquiring necessary goods for the production of plays, since he was a 'thriving man,' and the for this purpose he received a portion of the profits of each performance. He was to give the company an account so that any surplus would be divided among the company sharers. The players now suspect Beeston enriched himself from these takings and provided them with a false account for £400, but they cannot prove it. The do insist that Beeston handled the procurement details himself and that no other tradesmen besides Smith has ever approached them for non-payment. They say they know nothing of the specific account with Smith, have not seen his account book, and know nothing of the servant Thomas Chambers. They do testify that Christopher Beeston 'haveing from the begining a greater care for his owne privatt gaine & nott respecting the good of these defend[an]tes & the rest of his fellowes' has since the Queen's death separated himself from the interests of the company, and taken with him their 'furniture and apparel.'

Date Event Recorded

From: 18 November 1619 (Source of claim: original)

Date Event Happened

From: 27 June 1612 To: 23 February 1617 (Source of claim: transcription)


Red Bull


Name Role
Beeston, Christopher defendant
Worth, Ellis defendant
Perkins, Richard defendant
Cumber, John defendant
Smith, John plaintiff
Chambers, Thomas servant

Event Type

  • company business
  • company context
  • court case
  • playhouse business