Viewing Event Record: Requests, Cuthbert Burbage vs Allen: Thomas Osborne deposes


Thomas Osborne, a carpenter, testifies for Cuthbert Burbage in the latter's suit against Giles Allen. Osborne admits that he was not familiar with the Theatre properties before James Burbage leased them, but affirms that he has worked on them intermittently over the last eighteen years, and they are much improved from the state they were in. Osborne says that James Burbage built his own dwelling on the property soon after taking possession of it. Osborne provides details of the shoring up of the old decayed barn on the property. Osborne was one of several carpenters called upon by James Burbage to assess the value of the work he had done on the Theatre property and buildings on 18 July 1586. They agreed that Burbage's expenses could have come to no less than £240. He notes that at that appraisal, Bryan Ellam, William Botham and William Clerke said they had appraised the improvements on 20 November 1585 at £220.

Date Event Recorded

From: 15 May 1600 (Source of claim: original)

Date Event Happened

From: 1582 To: 1600 (Source of claim: original)




Name Role
Ellam, Bryan appraiser
Bothan, William appraiser
Clerke, William appraiser
Griggs, John appraiser
Hudson, Richard appraiser
Allen, Giles defendant
Osborne, Thomas deponent
Burbage, Cuthbert plaintiff
Burbage, James playhouse owner
Stoughton, Robert tenant
Richardes, Hugh tenant

Event Type

  • court case
  • playhouse business