Viewing Event Record: William Fennor, a charlatan, advertises and sells tickets to a fake performance: John Chamberlain


John Chamberlain writes to Dudley Carleton of a prank recently committed by 'one Vennar [William Fennor], of Lincoln's Inn'. Fennor published bills advertising the performance of a 'famous play' on the Bankside [i.e. at the Swan] 'to be acted only by certain gentlemen and gentlewomen of account'. The price of the tickets was '2s or 18d at least'. Once Fennor had collected most of the money, he tried to escape, but having chosen to go by water rather than horseback, was caught and brought before the Chief Justice. The officials apparently took the matter lightly, and Vennar was bound for £5. The common people, upset over the fraud, vandalized the theatre.

Date Event Recorded

From: 19 November 1602 (Source of claim: original)

Date Event Happened

From: 6 November 1602 (Source of claim: transcription)




Name Role
Fennor, William charlatan
Chamberlain, John correspondent
Carleton, Dudley correspondent

Event Type

  • arrest
  • fraud
  • playhouse context