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[Please note: In its current version (version 3, April 2020), the EMLoT database includes records pertaining to the eight theatres north of the Thames: the Red Lion (1567), the Theatre (1576), the Curtain (1577), the Fortune (1600), the Red Bull (1604), the Boar's Head (1602), the Phoenix or Cockpit (1616), and Salisbury Court (1629); the theatres south of the Thames in the historic county of Surrey -- Newington Butts (1570s), the Rose (1587), the Swan (1595), Globe I and II (1599, 1614), and the Hope (1614), as well as the bearbaiting arena(s) in the same area; and, in the city of London, Blackfriars I and II (1576, 1596), Whitefriars (1609), and Porter's Hall (1613).]


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